User Guide (Version 1.16)

Adding Components to an Entity

After you create an entity, you can add components to it.

To add a component to an entity

  1. In the Entity Inspector, click Add Component or right-click and choose Add Component.

  2. Components are grouped by category, such as Animation, Camera, and Gameplay. To find a specific component quickly, enter the name into the search bar at the top of the component list.


    You can pause on the component name to see a description of that component. For example, for the Ragdoll component, the description reads: "The Ragdoll component uses physics to drive characters and is ideal for simulating environmental effects upon unconscious characters."

  3. Select the component.

  4. Specify your settings for the component. For example, for the Ragdoll component, you can specify the Mass, Damping, and Buoyancy. For more information, see Rag Doll.

  5. If you add a component that requires another component to function, the Entity Inspector displays the following message:

                        Some components require other components to work.

    For example, the Ragdoll component also requires the Skinned Mesh component. Click Add Required Component and then select the required component.


    Components must have the required dependencies to appear in game mode. The Entity Inspector displays a warning message for the following scenarios:

    • Incompatibilities exist between components.

    • A component is missing a required component.

    • A component is a duplicate.

    You must resolve the issue before the component can be used for the entity. Otherwise, the component is disabled.