Editing Component Properties - Lumberyard User Guide

Editing Component Properties

You can edit properties for your components such as changing the mesh asset file for the Mesh component.

To edit component properties

  1. In the Entity Outliner or the viewport, select the entity.

  2. In the Entity Inspector, select the component and edit its properties.

  3. To undo a change that you made to a property, press Ctrl+Z. To redo the change, press Ctrl+Shift+Z.

  4. To edit multiple entities at the same time, select the entities that you want and make your changes. The changes that you make to the first entity propagate to all selected entities.


If your entity is part of a slice instance, any properties that you modify from the source slice asset appear in orange in the Entity Inspector.

For more information about slices, see Working with Slices.

Copying and Pasting Asset References

In the Entity Inspector, you can copy an asset reference from one component and paste it into another component. You can copy assets as scripts, mesh assets, particle effect libraries, cubemap assets, and so on.

To copy and paste an asset reference

  1. In the Entity Inspector, select the component and right-click the asset reference field.

  2. Choose Copy asset reference.

  3. Select another component, right-click the asset reference field, and choose Paste asset reference.

                            Copy and paste asset references between components.

Creating Custom Component Help Topics

If you have created your own components, you can point the component header's help icon to your own documentation.

                    Component helper icon.

To do this, add the HelpPageURL attribute to your component reflection.

For example:

Attribute(AZ::Edit::Attributes::HelpPageURL, "https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/component-comment.html")