User Guide (Version 1.16)

Editing Component Properties

You can edit properties for your components. For example, you can change the mass or enable the Collides with characters property for the Ragdoll component.

To edit component properties

  1. Select the entity in the viewport or the Entity Outliner.

  2. Edit the component properties in the Entity Inspector.

  3. To undo a change that you made to a property, press Ctrl+Z. To redo the change, press Ctrl+Shift+Z.

  4. To edit multiple entities at the same time, select the entities that you want and make your changes. The changes that you make to the first entity propagate to all selected entities.


If your entity is part of a slice instance, any settings that you modify from the source slice asset appear in orange within the Entity Inspector. Right-click the setting and choose Revert property override to reset to the original value for the property. Choose Revert component overrides to reset the original value for all properties on the component. Or choose Push to slice to save your change to the slice asset, which affects all other instances of the target slice asset.

                    You can push to slice to save the changes to all other instances of the target slice asset.

For more information about slices, see Working with Slices.