Enable Color Correction - Lumberyard User Guide

Enable Color Correction

Sets color correction parameters. You can use this node to specify the CMYK, brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue in a scene. Most color correction properties aren't updated smoothly, so it's recommended that you hide stronger color correction changes with cuts or fading between scenes.

You can also apply color correction in the Track View. See Color Correction Node.

To disable the effect, see Disable Color Correction.




In the following example, the Saturation value is 2.0.

                    Use the Enable Color Correction node to change
                        colors for your screen.


Pin Type Description
In Event Triggers the node.
Cyan Number Adjusts cyan to enhance the color of the scene.
Magenta Number Adjusts magenta to enhance color of the scene.
Yellow Number Adjusts yellow to enhance color of the scene.
Luminance Number Adjusts luminance to enhance the color of the scene.
Brightness Number Adjusts brightness to enhance light and darkness of the scene.
Contrast Number Adjusts contrast to enhance the bias of highlights and shadows of the scene.
Saturation Number Adjusts saturation to enhance the color intensity of the scene.
Hue Number Adjusts hue to enhance the color globally.


Pin Type Description
Out Event Sends when the node is finished.