Enable Depth of Field - Lumberyard User Guide

Enable Depth of Field

Configures the depth of field (DOF) effect, which gives you control over distance, range, and amount. You can use the node to add realism to scenes by simulating the way a real-world camera works. You can use a broad depth of field to focus on the entire scene, or use a shallow depth of field to have sharp focus only on objects that are a specific distance from the camera.

To disable the effect, see Disable Depth of Field.

You can also apply depth of field in the Track View. See Adding a Depth of Field Node.


                enabledepthoffieldnode, enabledepthoffield


                    Use the Enable Depth of Field node to simulate
                        focusing like a camera.


Pin Type Description
In Event

Triggers the node.

Focus Distance Number

Distance the focus is from the camera. Positive values are in front of the camera while negative values are behind the camera.

Focus Range


Distance toward and away from the camera until maximum blurriness is reached.

Blur Amount Number Maximum blurriness value.
CoC Scale Number

Sets the circle of confusion scale when a cone of light in a specific area appears unfocused or blurry. For example, a cone of light from a lens focuses on a specific point, but the light does not appear in perfect focus.

This is also known as the blur circle of a blur spot.

Center Weight Number Sets the central samples weight.


Pin Type Description
Out Event Sends when the node is finished.