Enable Visual Artifacts - Lumberyard User Guide

Enable Visual Artifacts

Applies effects associated with old television sets, such as grain, vsync, and interlacing. You can mask the effect with a texture or apply it to the entire screen.

To disable the effect, see Disable Visual Artifacts.


                enablevisualartifacts, enablevisualartifactsnode


Pin Type Description
In Event

Triggers the node.

VSync Number Amount of vsync (vertical sync) visible.
VSync Frequency Number Frequency of the vertical sync.
Interlacing Number Amount of interlacing visible.
Interlacing Tiling Number Amount of interlacing tiling.
Interlacing Rotation Number Amount of interlacing rotation.
Sync Wave Phase Number Sync wave phase.
Sync Wave Frequency Number Sync wave frequency.
Sync Wave Amplitude Number Sync wave amplitude.
Chroma Shift Number Chromatic shift.
Grain Number Amount of image grain.
Color Tint Number Amount of color tinting.
Texture Name String Visual artifacts mask texture.


Pin Type Description
Out Event Sends when the node is finished.