User Guide (Version 1.21)

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Enable Volumetric Scattering

Adds a volumetric effect for simulating fog, snow, or other environments. You can specify the color, speed, and amount for each effect, so that you can simulate various environments, such as lava.


This effect has high performance impact and can negatively affect the frame rate.

To disable the effect, see Disable Volumetric Scattering.


                enablevolumetricscatttering, enablevolumetricscatteringnode


Pin Type Description
In Event

Triggers the node.

Amount Number

Sets volumetric scattering amount.

Default value: 1

Tiling Number

Sets volumetric scattering tiling.

Default value: 1



Sets volumetric scattering animation speed.

Default value: 1

Color Color Sets volumetric scattering color tint.


Pin Type Description
Out Event Sends when the node is finished.

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