Enabling Viewport Interaction Model - Lumberyard User Guide

Enabling Viewport Interaction Model

By default, the Viewport Interaction Model isn't enabled for the editor. You can enable it from the Preferences window.

To enable the Viewport Interaction Model

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Edit, Editor Settings, Global Preferences to open the Preferences window.

  2. Select Enable New Viewport Interaction Model (EXPERIMENTAL).

  3. Restart Lumberyard Editor.

  4. Open a level and, in the Asset Browser, select and drag two assets into the viewport.

  5. In the viewport, select an entity. A manipulator appears on the entity. The entity is locked for editing. If you click another entity in the viewport, the first entity remains selected.

    The following are shortcuts to select and deselect entities.

    Shortcut Description

    Press Space or Esc.

    Deselects the entity. You can also double-click to deselect the entity.

    Press and hold Ctrl, then click and drag the manipulator in the viewport.

    Selects the manipulator so that you can move it in the viewport. This enables you to adjust the manipulator independent from the entity.

    Press and hold Alt and click a target entity.

    If you select an entity or group of entities, this shortcut moves your manipulator to the target entity that you clicked. The target entity becomes a reference space for your selection.

    See Using Custom Reference Spaces.