Using Custom Normals for DCC Assets - Lumberyard User Guide

Using Custom Normals for DCC Assets

You can specify Lumberyard to use custom normals from DCC data when importing a mesh asset. When using custom normals, Asset Processor uses the MikkT technique for tangent calculation. You can specify this setting so that your mesh assets appear as you authored them in your DCC. If you disable this setting, Asset Processor averages them instead. You can specify to use custom normals for the project level or for a specific .fbx file.


The first time you start Lumberyard Editor, Asset Processor recompiles all assets for the current project. All meshes have the default setting to use custom normals.

You can configure your game project so that by default, all mesh assets use the custom normals setting.

To use custom normals at the project level

  1. Start the Project Configurator.

  2. Select your game project and choose Advanced Settings.

  3. In the System Entity Editor, for Configuration, select Editor.

  4. In Scene Processing Config, for Use Custom Normals, select the check box.

                            Use Custom Normals when importing assets
                                from a DCC.
    • When you update the Use Custom Normals setting, your cache isn't recompiled. New assets that you import have this setting by default. If you want to recompile your cache, delete the cache manually, and Asset Processor automatically processes your assets. You can find the cache in the lumberyard_version\dev\Cache directory.

    • Updates to this setting are saved to the editor.xml file.

You can configure specific .fbx files so that the mesh assets use custom normals.

To use custom normals for a specific mesh

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Asset Browser.

  2. In the Asset Browser, right-click an .fbx file and choose Edit Settings.

  3. In the FBX Settings tool, for the Meshes tab, choose Add Modifier and then choose Mesh (Advanced) if the modifier doesn't already exist.

  4. Select the Use Custom Normals check box and click Update.

                            Use Custom Normals when importing assets
                                from a DCC.

    For more information, see Editing the FBX Settings.