User Guide (Version 1.13)

Compiling Game Code

If you choose the Compile the game code option in Lumberyard Setup Assistant, you must create a game spec file that includes the configuration to build your game project.

To compile game code

  1. In Lumberyard Setup Assistant, select Compile the game. Follow the instructions on each page. For more information, see Running Lumberyard Setup Assistant.

  2. On the Summary page, click Configure project to create your game project using the Project Configurator. For more information, see Creating Lumberyard Game Projects.

  3. In a command line window, run the following to generate the Visual Studio solution: lmbr_waf configure

  4. Build your project by doing one of the following:

    • In Visual Studio, select one of the [Game] specs from the Build Configuration drop-down menu. You can use [Game] Profile to start.

    • In a command line window, type one of the following:

      • If you are using Visual Studio 2015: lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2015_profile -p game

      • If you are using Visual Studio 2013: lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2013_profile -p game