CryEntity Removal Gem - Lumberyard User Guide

CryEntity Removal Gem

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog, O3DE Discord, or O3DE GitHub to learn more. The Lumberyard forums have been deprecated. You may view past forum discussions in the archive.

You can use the CryEntity Removal gem to disable all legacy features from Lumberyard Editor. Legacy features appear as legacy in Lumberyard Editor and will eventually be removed. This includes the following features:

When the gem is enabled, Lumberyard Editor displays only the features and tools that use the new component entity system. For more information, see Working with component entities.

By default, the gem is disabled. For more information about enabling gems, see Add modular features and assets with Gems.

            The CryEntity Removal gem disables all legacy features and tools in
                Lumberyard Editor.
  • When you enable the gem and open Lumberyard Editor, you are prompted to convert your legacy entities (CryEntities) to the new component entity system. Once an entity is converted, it cannot be converted back to a legacy entity. For more information about converting your entities, see Converting Entities with the Legacy Converter.

  • If you want to enable the legacy features again, return to the Project Configurator and disable the CryEntity Removal gem. When you reload Lumberyard Editor, the legacy features reappear.

  • If you create a project with Lumberyard 1.12 or newer, the CryEntity Removal gem is enabled by default. If you want to use legacy features, disable the gem.