Cloud Canvas Cloud Gems - Lumberyard User Guide

Cloud Canvas Cloud Gems

A Cloud Canvas cloud gem includes everything required for you to include AWS cloud-connected functionality in your project. A cloud gem is a package of specific cloud-connected functionality, assets and AWS resource definitions.

Cloud Gems Included with Lumberyard

Lumberyard includes the following cloud gems. You can enable them in a project by using the Lumberyard Project Configurator tool. For more information, visit the following links.

  • Using Dynamic Content Manager – Allows Lumberyard .pak files that contain new and updated game assets to be uploaded to the cloud for subsequent automatic download to the game client.

  • In-Game Survey Cloud Gem Portal – Create surveys for your game, test them, and publish them. View survey results and manage your surveys in the Cloud Gem Portal.

  • Leaderboard Cloud Gem Portal – Stores a player's high scores and provides "leader boards" that show player rankings.

  • Message Of The Day Cloud Gem Portal – Schedules the delivery of messages (for example, new product announcements or holiday greetings) to game clients.

  • Player Account Cloud Gem Portal – Provides a standalone player authentication and management solution that uses Amazon Cognito.

  • Speech Recognition Cloud Gem – Adds speech recognition and natural language processing to your Lumberyard game using Amazon Lex service.

  • Text to Speech Cloud Gem (Using Amazon Polly) – Turns text into lifelike speech using the Amazon Polly text-to-speech service, which offers dozens of lifelike voices in a variety of languages. Also creates lip synchronization from the text that you provide.

Cloud Gem Portal

A cloud gem creates a cloud gem portal for you that you can use to manage the cloud data for your game. The cloud gem portal is hosted in your AWS account and is a website that you own and can customize. For more information, see Cloud Gem Portal.

AWS services accessed through Cloud Canvas may be subject to separate charges and additional terms. For more information, see Pricing.