Configuring the Lightning Arc - Lumberyard User Guide

Configuring the Lightning Arc

You can configure the properties for the lightning arc entity to make the lightning arc show outside only, toggle wind effects, add delays and variations between arcs, and more. You can also carefully customize your lightning arcs by selecting different presets for the type of arc generated.

To configure lightning arc entity parameters and properties

  1. In the Perspective viewport, select the lightning arc entity you want to configure.

  2. Beneath Entity Params and Entity Properties, select or clear check boxes for the preferred effects.

Lightning Arc Entity Properties
Properties Description
Active Activates the effect
ArcPreset Sets the specified arc preset defined in the lightningarceffects.xml file as explained in Customizing a Lightning Arc Preset.
Delay Sets the delay time between arcs
DelayVariation Sets the variation of the delay based on the delay time