Primitive Assets Gem - Lumberyard User Guide

Primitive Assets Gem

The Primitive Assets Gem provides primitive objects that are physics enabled and unit size (1x1x1), with a gray checkerboard texture. The checkerboard texture is RGB middle gray (127,127,127) and sRGB middle gray (187,187,187). Diffuse, normal, and specular maps are included. The primitive object models have import settings, a material, and a slice. Each slice contains the object mesh and the appropriate Shape and Rigid Body Physics components. You can use these to add the cube, sphere, and cylinder objects to your level and manipulate the objects, create a placeholder, or test Lumberyard Editor features.

The asset files for the primitive objects are in the \lumberyard_version\dev\Gems\PrimitiveAssets\Assets directory.

You can add the primitive objects to your game project by doing either of the following:

  • Create a new project from the Default template in the Project Configurator. By default the Primitive Assets Gem is enabled for projects that are created from this template.

  • Enable the Primitive Assets Gem for your existing project in the Project Configurator.

For more information, see Creating a Game Project in Lumberyard.