Video Playback Bink Gem - Lumberyard User Guide

Video Playback Bink Gem

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

With the Video Playback Bink gem, you can play videos using RAD Game Tools' Bink video codec. The videos are playable in a game or level loading screen, or on textures in your Lumberyard level. When you enable the Video Playback Bink gem, the Video Playback Bink component is enabled. For instructions on how to prepare Lumberyard for video playback, and how to set up video playback in your level, see Video Playback Bink.

For more information on playing videos in load screens, see Defining Game and Level Load Screens.


A Bink license is needed to gain access to this gem. Please contact RAD Game Tools for information on how to license Bink.