User Guide (Version 1.21)

Sharing Assets Between Windows and macOS

You can build your assets on a Windows computer and then use them in an iOS build. To do so, you must set up sharing between your Windows and macOS computers.

To set up your Windows computer for sharing assets

  1. On your Windows computer, navigate to the lumberyard_version\dev\Cache\ directory.

  2. Right-click the Cache directory and choose Properties.

  3. In the Properties window, on the Sharing tab, click Advanced Sharing.

  4. In the Advanced Sharing window, select the Share this folder check box.

  5. (Optional) Click Permissions to set permissions for specific groups or users. Add users who will modify the files on a macOS computer.

  6. Click OK.

To set up your macOS computer for sharing assets

  1. On your macOS computer, rename any Cache directories. For example, rename to Cache.old.

  2. In the Finder, choose Go, Connect to Server.

  3. For Server Address, type: smb://<IP address or DNS name of Windows computer>/Cache

  4. Click Connect.

  5. (Optional) To enable your macOS computer to connect to this shared folder on startup, do the following:

    1. Launch System Preferences and then choose Users & Groups, Login Items.

    2. Click the + button to add a login item.

    3. In the Finder, under Shared, select your Windows computer.

    4. Select your shared Cache directory and then click Add.

    5. In a Terminal window, navigate to the lumberyard_version\dev\ directory.

    6. To create a symbolic link to the shared Cache directory, type: sudo ln -s /Volumes/Cache Cache

    7. If prompted, type your macOS password.