User Guide (Version 1.21)

Testing the Windows Client to Linux Server Connection

This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.

Lumberyard supports compiling and deploying the Windows client for a multiplayer project on a Linux dedicated server. You must have completed the following:

Once the Lumberyard executable is ready, you can test the connection between the Windows client and the Linux server.

To test the client and server connection

  1. Start the Linux server:

    1. In a terminal window, change directory to the BinLinux64.Dedicated directory.

      $ cd BinLinux64.Dedicated
    2. The launcher requires that the current working directory contain the data and multiplayergame directory, which includes the .pak files. Copy the assets from the MultiplayerSample_pc_Paks_Dedicated directory to the BinLinux64.Dedicated directory.

      $ cp -r ../MultiplayerSample_pc_Paks_Dedicated/* ./
    3. Run the MultiplayerSampleLauncher_Server:

      $ ./MultiplayerSampleLauncher_Server
  2. Start the remote console on your Windows computer:

    1. Run the RemoteConsole.exe file (located in the lumberyard_version\dev\Tools\RemoteConsole directory).

    2. In the Targets window, for the Custom Ip, enter the server's IP address.

    3. For the Custom Port, enter the server's port.

      The Linux server echoes the chosen port, which appears in the last line, for example, Remote console listening on: 4600. The server also echoes when the remote console is attached. If you restart the server, the remote console is automatically reattached.

    4. In the command line window, run the following command:

      mphost map multiplayersample
  3. Start the Windows client:

    1. Edit the bootstrap.cfg file (located in the lumberyard_version\dev directory) to set connect_to_remote to 1.

    2. Double-click the MultiplayerSampleLauncher.exe file in the following directory:

      • For Visual Studio 2015: lumberyard_version\dev\Bin64vc140\

      • For Visual Studio 2017: lumberyard_version\dev\Bin64vc141\

    3. After the launcher loads, open the console by pressing the accent grave key ` and enter the following command:

      mpjoin server_IP_address