User Guide (Version 1.21)

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Capabilities Commands

Use the following commands to create and modify Lumberyard capabilities.


Lists all of the Lumberyard capabilities.

lmbr capabilities list

Creates a new Lumberyard capability. Include the ID, description, and tooltip.

lmbr capabilities create new_capability_name "This is the description." "This is the tooltip."

You can also specify the following arguments:

  • -help (bool): Displays help descriptions of available commands and options.

  • -tag (list): String tags associated with the capability.

  • -default (bool): True if capability is default; otherwise false.

  • -enable (bool): True if you want to enable the capability right away.


Disables a Lumberyard capability.

lmbr capabilities disable lumberyard_capability

Enables a Lumberyard capability.

lmbr capabilities enable lumberyard_capability

Queries if the tag is set in enabled capabilities.

lmbr capabilities istagset tag_of_capability_to_check