User Guide (Version 1.21)

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Gems Commands

Use the following commands to create gems and modify a project's use of gems.


Lists all gems that are installed or enabled in the specified project.

lmbr gems list (-project project_name)

Disables the specified gem in the specified project. If -disable-deps is specified, all dependencies of the gem are also disabled.

lmbr gems disable project_name gem_name (-disable-deps)

Enables the specified gem in the specified project. If a version is specified, it's used, otherwise the latest version installed is used.

lmbr gems enable project_name gem_name (-version version)

Creates a gem with the given name. If you specify id or version, those values are used. If you do not specify -out-folder, name is used.

lmbr gems create gem_name (-version version) (-out-folder gems\relative_folder)