User Guide (Version 1.21)

Projects Commands

Use the following commands to create and modify game projects.


Lists all projects in the current engine directory.

lmbr projects list

Creates a new project using EmptyTemplate, which is located at dev\ProjectTemplates\EmptyTemplate, as a template.

lmbr projects create project_name

Displays the name of the active project.

lmbr projects get-active

Sets the active project for building and executing Lumberyard. This command modifies _WAF_\user_settings.options and bootstrap.cfg to reference the specified project.

lmbr projects set-active project_name

Populates the appdescriptors files from the gems list. If you use the Project Configurator to change gems, Lumberyard automatically updates the application descriptor files. If you manually edit a gems.json file, run this command to update these two application descriptor files in a project's asset directory:

  • dev/project_asset_directory/Config/Game.xml

  • dev/project_asset_directory/Config/Editor.xml

lmbr projects populate-appdescriptors