ThirdPartySDKs Commands - Lumberyard User Guide

ThirdPartySDKs Commands

Before you can use thirdpartysdks commands, you must set up your workspace. To do this, run Lumberyard Setup Assistant and perform each step of the setup process.

The thirdpartysdks module manages the installation states of third party SDKs. These are specified by default in the \3rdParty\ directory. If you have defined a different third party SDKs path in the SetupAssistantUserPreferences.ini configuration file, then this module manages the SDKs in that path.

The thirdpartysdks module has dependencies on the following:

  • Engines module

  • Capabilities module – Downloads only the SDKs that are required based on the user-enabled capabilities.

  • Packages module

  • SetupAssistantUserPreferences.ini – Path specified for the SDKSearch3rdParty property.

  • SetupAssistantConfig.json – Parses the SDK required for the engine

Use the following commands to manage Lumberyard third party SDKs.


Prints out a list of SDKs specified by SetupAssistantConfig.json and their available state.

lmbr thirdpartysdks list (-help)

Downloads and sets up all Lumberyard third party SDKs based on your current selected capabilities. Does not support software installation such as FBX or Android SDK.

lmbr thirdpartysdks setup (-only <sdk1,sdk2,sdk3>) (-3rdpartypath <path>) (-help) - (-only) (list): Specify name(s) of specific SDKs to set up (comma separated). - (-3rdpartypath) (string): Path to your third party folder. Defaults to path in SetupAssistantUserPreferences.ini. - (-optionals) (flag): Flag to include optional sdks. Does not work if specifying specific sdks. - (-help): Print help describing available commands/options.