Managing Game Projects with Lmbr.exe - Lumberyard User Guide

Managing Game Projects with Lmbr.exe

This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.
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Lmbr.exe is a command-line tool for managing capabilities, game projects, and Gems.

To find the Lmbr.exe file

  1. Navigate to one of the following directories:

    • For Visual Studio 2017: lumberyard_version\dev\Bin64vc141

    • For Visual Studio 2019: lumberyard_version\dev\Bin64vc142

  2. In a command line prompt, enter the following command to see the commands that you can run.

    lmbr -help

    The list of possible commands appears.

                    Lmbr.exe help commands.

You can also use -help on other commands. For example, to see more information about Lumberyard capabilities, you can enter the following commands:

lmbr capabilities -help
lmbr capabilities list -help