Localization Checklist - Lumberyard User Guide

Localization Checklist

To use localization in your game, verify that you have done the following:

  1. Created a tag definition XML and placed it within your game project directory.

  2. Created localized text XML assets for at least one language, also located within your game project directory.

  3. Configured the g_language and sys_localization_folder console variables appropriately.

    • g_language defaults to English.

    • sys_localization_folder must point to a game project sub-directory where you store your localized text XML assets in language-specific sub-directories.

  4. Initialized the Localization Manager in your game's startup code.

After completing these steps, you can start localizing text by passing in the localized key string to the localization manager. Note that some Lumberyard systems, such as the UI System, already attempt to localize text for you.