Lumberyard Asset File Types - Lumberyard User Guide

Lumberyard Asset File Types

See the following tables for supported asset data file types in Lumberyard.

Lumberyard supports the .xml file format and the following image file formats:

  • .bmp

  • .jpg

  • .pgm

  • .png

  • .raw

  • .r16

  • .tga

  • .tif

3D Art Asset File Types

The following file formats are used for static geometry:

File Type Where Created Description
*.cgf (Static Geometry File) DCC tool Contains static geometry data, such as grouped triangles, tangent spaces, vertex colors, physics data, and spherical harmonics data.
*.chr (Character Asset File) DCC tool The base character used for animations.
*.cdf (Character Definition File) Lumberyard Defines the base character and associated attachments. This file is created with Geppetto and contains a reference to the .chr file.
*skin (Character Skinned Render Mesh) DCC tool Contains skinned character data, including the mesh, vertex weighting, vertex colors, and morph targets.
*.fbx (Filmbox File) DCC Tool Contains mesh, material, camera, and animation data. Provides interoperability between DCC tools.
*.scenesettings (Scene Settings File) Lumberyard Contains configuration and rules settings from an .fbx file.
*.abc (Alembic Cache File) DCC tool Contains non-procedural, application-independent set of baked geometric data such as baked meshes and their materials.
*.cax (CAD/CAE Exchange File) Lumberyard Contains compressed game assets read from the .abc file and streamed in-game on demand from disk.
*.trb (Terrain Block File) Lumberyard Contains terrain data and associated level objects such as water and vegetation.

Material and Texture File Types

The following files are used for the Material Editor. For more information, see Working with Shaders and Materials.

File Type Where Created Description
*.mtl (Material File) DCC Tool

Contains settings for shaders, surface types, and references to textures.

*.dds (DirectDraw Surface) DCC tool Contains compressed source texture files.
*.sbsar (Substance Files) Allegorithmic Substance Designer Contains procedural materials.

Animation File Types

The following file types are used for the Animation Editor. For more information, see Animation Editor File Types.

File Type Where Created Description
*.actor (Actor File) DCC tool A character with at least one bone.
*.motion (Motion File) DCC tool Individual animation clips for a character, such as walk, run, and so on.
*.motionset (Motion Set File) Lumberyard Contains a list of motion files for a character. For example, you can create a motion set named Run.motionset that contains the run.motion, sprint.motion, and jog.motion files.
*.animgraph (Animation Graph File) Lumberyard Contains the state machines, transitions, conditions, blend trees, and so on.
*.assetinfo (Asset Info File) Lumberyard Contains the configuration and settings for the .actor and .motion files. Animation Editor and the FBX Settings tool can create this file.

The following file types are used for the Geppetto and Mannequin systems. For more information on these file types, see Character Animation Files.

File Type Where Created Description
*.adb (Animation Database File) Lumberyard The Mannequin system uses this file to store fragments and transitions. This is typically referred to from the character Lua file and other systems such the hit death reaction system.
*.i_caf (Intermediate Character Animation File) DCC tool Contains the animated bone data for one or more characters in uncompressed format.
*.animsettings (Animation Settings File) Lumberyard Contains per-animation compression settings. This is a sidecar file that is stored next to the .i_caf file and describes how it should be compiled by the asset pipeline.
*.caf (Character Animation File) Lumberyard The compressed version of the intermediate .i_caf file. Contains on-demand asset data that is streamed in and out of the game as needed at runtime.
*.chrparams (Character Parameters File) Lumberyard Contains skeletal characters. This file has the same name as the .chr file to which it refers to.
*.dba (Animation Database) Lumberyard Contains multiple compressed .caf animation files that are streamed in and out of the game together. Created by the Resource Compiler and defined in the .chrparams file.
*.animevents (Animation Events Database) Lumberyard Stores a list of assets with timed event markups. Geppetto creates this file, which is mapped to the .chrparams file.
*.bspace (Blend Space File) Lumberyard Define how multiple animation assets are blended together. Blend spaces are parameterized at runtime with movement parameters such as movement speed, movement direction, turning angle, or slope.
*.comb (Blend Space Combination File) Lumberyard Combines multiple blend spaces into one, usually of a higher order, and represents a multidimensional blend space.
*.grp (Group Files) DCC Tool Exported animation sequences used for track view sequences.

Audio Asset File Types

The following file types are used for the audio system. For more information, see Adding Audio and Sound Effects.

File Type Where Created Description
*.bnk (Soundbank File) Audiokinetic Wwise Contains compiled sound data and metadata.
*.wem (Encoded Media File) Audiokinetic Wwise Compiled streamable audio file.