User Guide (Version 1.18)

Using Lumberyard Setup Assistant to Set Up Your Development Environment

Use the Lumberyard Setup Assistant application to validate that you have installed the third-party software required to run Lumberyard.

Lumberyard Setup Assistant offers the following benefits:

  • Ensures you have the required runtime software installed

  • Ensures you have the required SDKs located in the source tree

  • Provides plugins for certain programs detected

  • Validates registry settings, paths, and libraries

You should run this application periodically and after you make any changes to your environment, to validate and repair settings and paths. You can also customize the application with a configuration file to easily integrate your specific directory structure.


Certain third-party software may require a license. Please consult the terms of service before installing the software.


  • Lumberyard Setup Assistant is supported on the Windows operating system.

  • To use Lumberyard Setup Assistant, you need Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017. For more information, see System Requirements.