User Guide (Version 1.18)

Lumberyard 1.14

Use the following instructions if you are upgrading your projects to Lumberyard 1.14.

Converting Script Canvas Scripts

Lumberyard 1.14 introduces changes to Script Canvas that affect scripts created in Lumberyard 1.13 and earlier.

The following changes to Script Canvas were made for Lumberyard 1.14:

  • Variables are now created and defined in a Variable Manager window. You can also create get and set nodes from this window by doing any of the following:

    • Drag the variable into the canvas and then choose Get or Set.

    • Press Shift and drag the variable into the canvas to create a get node.

    • Press Alt and drag the variable into the canvas to create a set node.

    Variables for existing graphs appear in the Variable Manager window.

  • The Get Variable node now has an execution trigger. One or more new Get Variable nodes will replace existing Get Variable nodes, and the new Get Variable nodes will be spliced into the execution of the graph. If a single Get Variable node connects to two different nodes, a duplicate Get Variable node will be automatically created adjacent to the original Get Variable node. The duplicate node will be spliced into the alternate execution connection.

  • Script Canvas file sizes have been reduced.

You have two options to convert your scripts:

  • Open each script file (.scriptcanvas) to convert the script automatically.

  • Use the batch conversion tool to convert a specified directory and all child script files (.scriptcanvas).

Using the Batch Conversion Tool

Rather than converting each Script Canvas script individually, you can use the batch conversion tool to convert all .scriptcanvas files that are located in a specified directory and its child directories.


The Script Canvas editor must remain the active window while the batch conversion tool processes files. If you need the editor to run in the background, you can set the ed_KeepEditorActive console variable to 1.

To convert Script Canvas graphs using the batch conversion tool

  1. In the Script Canvas editor, choose File, Edit, Batch Conversion.

  2. In the Select Folder window, do one of the following:

    • Select an individual folder to convert only the .scriptcanvas files in that folder.

    • Select a parent directory to convert all .scriptcanvas files in all subfolders.

  3. Click Select Folder.

    When the conversion process is finished, the batch conversion tool automatically closes.