Working with Lumberyard projects - Lumberyard User Guide

Working with Lumberyard projects

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

Working with projects in Lumberyard

Learn about the details of creating, configuring, managing, and building your Lumberyard game projects, along with the sample projects provided in your installation.

In this section:
Topic Area Description
Create a project Learn how to create and configure a new Lumberyard game project with Waf.
Manage a project with lmbr.exe Learn how to manage the configuration and details of your Lumberyard game project.
Build a project Learn how to build your Lumberyard game project with Waf.
Sample projects and levels Learn about the sample game projects provided in the Lumberyard installation, and discover examples that can accelerate your understanding of Lumberyard and your game's development.