Find by Name - Lumberyard User Guide

Find by Name

Finds and returns the material with the specified name. The material must be loaded into memory in order to be found.

In some cases, the Find by Name node might not find the material as expected.


  1. You have an entity named Crate that has a material file named crate.mtl.

  2. In your script, you use the Find by Name node to access the crate.mtl file. You want to trigger the node when the graph starts with the On Graph Start node. However, it's possible that the Find by Name node can't load the material immediately. It might take additional frames before the entity finishes loading the material file.

  3. In this example, you can use one of the following nodes to detect when the Crate entity finishes loading the crate.mtl file:

    • Use the Load by Name node instead of the Find by Name node.

    • Use the On Ready node instead of the On Graph Start node.

In some cases, you might need to store the material for later use. For more information, see Material Variables.


                findbymaterialname, findbymaterialnamdenode, findbynamenode,


Pin Type Description
In Event Triggers the node.
Material Name String

The path name of a material to find.

For more information, see Finding the Material Name.


Pin Type Description
Out Event Sends when the node is finished.
Material Material The material that was found. Returns Invalid if the material is not found.