User Guide (Version 1.18)

Debugging Decal Mapping Issues

See the following ways you can debug decals.

Debugging Deferred Decals

The cost of a deferred decal depends on how many objects the decal projects, how expensive the geometry is, and how many overdraws the decal creates.

You can use the console variable (CVAR) r_deferredDecalsDebug to show how expensive it is to render a deferred decal. Specify a value of 1. For more information, see Using the Console Window.

Deferred decals in the Lumberyard Editor viewport render in red, green and blue. The colors show you the expense for rendering a deferred decal.

  • Red = expensive

  • Green = medium

  • Blue = cheap

We recommend that you place deferred decals so that they display mostly in blue.

Debugging Decal Flicker

If a placed decal is flickering, follow these guidelines to ensure that the decal is correctly set up.

  • In the Material Editor, for the Shader Generation Params pane, verify that the Decal parameter is selected for all submaterials.

  • Check for overlapping layers that have the Decal parameter selected. Use the Sort Priority parameter to specify which decal appears on top of the other. Decals with higher Sort Priority values sort on top of decals with lower values. For more information, see the Decal Component Properties.

  • Other than for decals, the mesh shouldn't have overlapping triangles. Do not offset along the surface normal; this can still break in some situations and introduce floating parallax effects.