Material Owner Nodes - Lumberyard User Guide

Material Owner Nodes

You can use the Script Canvas editor to interact with materials in two ways. The following section describes how to manipulate materials on a single entity. When you apply changes to the entity that owns the material, the entity's material is automatically cloned. The changes don't affect other entities that have the same material.

An entity is considered a material owner if it has a component that supports materials. This includes the Mesh and Decal components. The Actor component is not supported at this time.

You can also access and manipulate materials directly, which affects all entities to which the material is applied. For more information, see Material Nodes.


Depending on the material owner type, the material asset might not be available when the script is first activated (OnActivate in Lua or the On Graph Start node in Script Canvas). This lack of availability can occur when assets are still loading. You can use the On Ready node instead of the On Graph Start node, or use the Is Ready node.