User Guide (Version 1.21)

Finding the Material Parameter Name

You can specify material parameter names for some Script Canvas editor nodes. In the Material Editor, you can find the material parameter names in the following sections:

  • Opacity Settings

  • Lighting Settings

  • Shader Params

You can find common parameters in the Opacity Settings and Lighting Settings sections. You can find parameters that are specific to the selected shader in the Shader Params section.

            Find material parameter names in the Material Editor in
                Lumberyard Editor.

To find the material parameter name

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Material Editor.

  2. In the Material Editor, navigate to the material file.

  3. In the Opacity Settings, Lighting Settings, and Shader Params sections, pause on a parameter to find the script parameter name.


    For Diffuse Color (Tint), the script parameter name is diffuse.

                        Find script parameter names in the
                                Material Editor in Lumberyard Editor.


    For Emittance Map Gamma, the script parameter name is EmmitanceMapGamma.

                        Find shader-specific script parameter names in the
                                Material Editor.

The following parameter names are commonly available and built in all materials.

Material Param Names

Param Type Display Name Description
opacity Float Opacity Sets the transparency amount. Uses 0 to 99 to set Alpha Blend and 100 for Opaque and Alpha Test.
alpha Float AlphaTest Uses the alpha mask and refines the transparent edge. Uses 0 to 50 to bias toward white or 50 to 100 to bias toward black.
diffuse Color Diffuse Color (Tint) Tints the material diffuse color. Physically based materials should be left at white.
specular Color Specular Color Shininess and color of reflective highlights.
shininess Float Smoothness Smoothness or glossiness simulating how light bounces off the surface.
emissive_intensity Float Emissive Intensity (kcd/m2) Brightness simulating light emitting from the surface, making an object glow.
emissive_color Color Emissive Color Tints the emissive color.