User Guide (Version 1.21)

Navigating the Lumberyard Documentation

Amazon Lumberyard offers the following guides:

To navigate the Lumberyard documentation

  1. To search in a specific guide, go to the guide that you want (for example, the Amazon Lumberyard Getting Started Guide) and in the search box, enter your keyword.

  2. To search all Lumberyard documentation, in the drop-down menu, choose Documentation – This Product, and in the search box, enter your keyword.

  3. In the header, use the path to navigate to other pages:

                    Learn how to navigate the Lumberyard documentation with documentation
    1. Choose AWS Documentation for all other AWS services.

    2. Choose Lumberyard to go to the main Lumberyard documentation page.

    3. Choose the guide name to go back to the home page.

  4. You can use the Documentation drop-down from the left menu to explore documentation for other AWS services, or the Search box to find specific topics.

                    Learn how to navigate the AWS documentation with the menu