User Guide (Version 1.21)

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Creating Dedicated Servers

In Lumberyard, you can create a build of your game that runs on a headless dedicated server. A dedicated server build omits the packages and modules that a headless server does not require and has a smaller compiled size.

Resources to Include

The package that you build for the dedicated server must include the resources that are required to run the game on the client. You can use Lumberyard's asset pipeline to exclude certain resources that are not needed on the server. For more information, see Configuring the Asset Pipeline.

Client and Server

Amazon GameLift splits sessions between client and server, but Lumberyard does not. Lumberyard recommends that you not compile critical server logic on clients or include client data in the server package.

Waf Build Configuration

To generate a dedicated server build that you can use locally or upload to Amazon GameLift, attach the _dedicated label to your build configuration in Waf. For more information on using Waf to set up the dedicated server, see Creating a Dedicated Server. The topic is part of the Multiplayer Sample, which includes an example of a dedicated server.

Linux Support

Lumberyard has a Linux version of the dedicated server. For information on how to compile and build dedicated server packages in Linux, see Creating Lumberyard Executables for Linux.