Building with Encryption - Lumberyard User Guide

Building with Encryption

Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog to learn more.

When you include the GridMate library in your project, encryption support is automatically provided. However, because the GridMate library is statically linked, you must first make some modifications to the WAF build script (wscript) that uses GridMate.

Building Your Project with Encryption

To use encryption with GridMate, you must modify your .wscript file to add a dependency on GridMate, link the OpenSSL library, and specify OpenSSL library paths.

To modify your .wscript file to use OpenSSL with GridMate

  1. Add the following line to create a dependency on GridMate:

    use = ['GridMate']
  2. Add the following line to link the OpenSSL library:

    win_lib = ['ssleay32', 'libeay32']
  3. Add the OpenSSL library paths, as in the following example. Within the Lumberyard install directory, these paths are in the folder dev\Code\SDKs\OpenSSL\lib\:

    win_x64_debug_libpath = [ bld.Path('Code/SDKs/OpenSSL/lib/vc120_x64_debug') ], win_x64_profile_libpath = [ bld.Path('Code/SDKs/OpenSSL/lib/vc120_x64_release') ], win_x64_release_libpath = [ bld.Path('Code/SDKs/OpenSSL/lib/vc120_x64_release') ], win_x64_debug_dedicated_libpath = [ bld.Path('Code/SDKs/OpenSSL/lib/vc120_x64_debug') ], win_x64_profile_dedicated_libpath = [ bld.Path('Code/SDKs/OpenSSL/lib/vc120_x64_release') ], win_x64_release_dedicated_libpath = [ bld.Path('Code/SDKs/OpenSSL/lib/vc120_x64_release') ]

Building Without Encryption

If your project uses GridMate, but does not require support for encryption, ensure that the GridMateForTools line is in your .wscript file:

use = ['GridMateForTools']