User Guide (Version 1.21)

Configuring the Multiplayer Sample for Amazon GameLift

To prepare the multiplayer sample for use with Amazon GameLift, follow the required procedures for server-side and client-side configuration.

Server-Side Configuration

On the server side, overwrite the GridMate::OnSessionStarted() handler. In the handler, synchronize the session state and load the corresponding map if the CVAR sv_map is set in the Multiplayer::Utils::SynchronizeSessionState() function.

The following example shows code for server-side configuration.

void GameManager::OnSessionCreated(GridMate::GridSession* session) { m_gameSession = session; if (m_gameSession) { if (m_gameSession->IsHost()) { if (gEnv->IsDedicated()) { Multiplayer::Utils::SynchronizeSessionState(m_gameSession); } } } }

Client-Side Configuration

On the client side, you must configure the following CVARs:





gamelift_fleet_id or gamelift_alias_id



You can set these CVARs with a console command or with the multiplayer sample user interface.

To use CVARs to set the client side configuration, enter the following console command.

+sv_port 33435 +gamelift_fleet_id <fleet> +gamelift_aws_access_key <aws access key> +gamelift_aws_secret_key <aws secret key>

To use the multiplayer sample user interface to configure Amazon GameLift

  1. By default, the multiplayer sample loads the Game Lobby map. To add or modify the CVARs, click Amazon GameLift.

              Click Amazon GameLift
  2. Click Connect.

              Click Connect
  3. Specify the Server Name and the Map (sv_map) to load.

              Specify server name and map
  4. To join automatically, click Create Server. To search active sessions and select a session to join, click Refresh, and then click Join.

              Join a session

Create an Amazon GameLift Package

To create a Amazon GameLift package, complete the following steps.

To create a Amazon GameLift package

  1. Before you create an Amazon GameLift package, do the following:

    • Compile game assets

    • Build the Lumberyard executable

  2. Run the following commands to create the Amazon GameLift package:

    mkdir GameLiftPackageWindows
    cp -r MultiplayerSample_pc_Paks_Dedicated/* GameLiftPackageWindows/
    cp -r Bin64vc140.Dedicated/* GameLiftPackageWindows/
  3. Upload your build and create a fleet from the Amazon GameLift console. For more information, see Uploading Your Game to Amazon GameLift.

Secured Connection (Not Amazon GameLift Specific)

Amazon GameLift uses the OpenSSL-based secure socket driver to create a secured connection. However, instead of verifying the server, the secure socket driver can verify the client.

To enable a secured connection, make the following change to the game.cfg file:

gm_netsec_enable = 1

If client verification is needed, make the following change to the game.cfg file:

gm_netsec_verify_client = 1


By default, the certificate and private key are loaded from the multiplayersample.cert.pem file (shared by the certificate and CA root) and from the multiplayersample.key.pem file. To specific different files, use the gm_netsec_certificate and gm_netsec_private_key CVARs.