Hosting a Session - Lumberyard User Guide

Hosting a Session

A session can be hosted by calling IGridMate::HostSession() after the session service has been started. The session settings and configuration are set in the GridMate::SessionParams argument, which acts as a base class for certain implementations of GridMate::SessionService.

Implementation of GridMate::SessionService Implementation of GridMate::SessionParams
GridMate::LANSessionService GridMate::LANSessionParams


The following table shows the supported parameters in GridMate::SessionParams.

Parameter Required Default Description
m_localMember Yes This is not required for a LAN session, only for consoles.
m_topology No ST_PEER_TO_PEER ST_CLIENT_SERVER: A client is only connected to the server. ST_PEER_TO_PEER: A client is connected to all other clients.
m_peerToPeerTimeout No 10000 The time without a response, in seconds, after which a peer is disconnected.
m_numPublicSlots Yes The maximum number of players that can join the session.


GridMate::LANSessionParams has the following additional parameter.

Parameter Required Default Description
m_port No 0 The port to monitor for search requests from other clients. If 0, this session is hidden to searches. Otherwise, the port number falls in the range from 1 through 65536.


The following table describes GridMate session service events.

Event Description
OnSessionCreated A new session has just been created.
OnMemberJoined A player has joined the session.
OnMemberLeaving A player has left the session.


The following example hosts a session. The example assumes that GridMate has been initialized and a session service registered.

bool MyClass::HostSession() { GridMate::IGridMate* gridMate = gEnv->pNetwork->GetGridMate(); if(gridMate) { GridMate::LANSessionParams params; params.m_topology = Gridmate:ST_CLIENT_SERVER; params.m_numPublicSlots = 10; params.m_port = 10000; params.m_flags = 0; params.m_localMember = gridMate->GetOnlineService()->GetUser(); GridMate::Session session = gridMate->HostSession(&params, GridMate::CarrierDesc()); if(session != nullptr) { // Failed to create the session.. return true; } } return false; }