Joining a Session - Lumberyard User Guide

Joining a Session

You have two ways to join a session:

  • By Searching for a Session and using a GridMate::SearchInfo object from the results.

  • Directly to an existing game session by using a GridMate::SessionIdIffo object.

Regardless of the method, a session is joined using one of the overloaded IGridMate::JoinSession() functions after the session service has been started.


The argument GridMate::JoinParams currently has no supported parameters.


The following table describes GridMate session join events.

Event Description
OnSessionJoined The client has been successfully added to the session.
OnMemberJoined A player has joined the session.
OnMemberLeaving A player has left the session.


The following example joins a session that has been found as the result of a session search.

void MyClass::OnGridSearchComplete(const GridMate::GridSearch* search) { GridMate::IGridMate* gridMate = gEnv->pNetwork->GetGridMate(); if(gridMate) { if(search->GetNumResults() > 0) { GridMate::Session* session = gridMate->JoinSession(search->GetResult(0), GridMate::JoinParams(), GridMate::CarrierDesc()); } } } void MyClass:OnSessionJoined(GridMate::GridSession* session) { // Joined the session successfully }