NVIDIA Blast gem - Lumberyard User Guide

NVIDIA Blast gem

This feature is an experimental release and is subject to change.
Open 3D Engine (O3DE), the successor to Lumberyard, is now available in Developer Preview. Download O3DE or visit the AWS Game Tech blog, O3DE Discord, or O3DE GitHub to learn more. The Lumberyard forums have been deprecated. You may view past forum discussions in the archive.

The NVIDIA Blast gem uses the NVIDIA Blast library to provide fast, high-fidelity destruction simulation in Amazon Lumberyard.


NVIDIA Blast for Lumberyard requires a SideFX Houdini commercial or indie license to create assets. The apprentice license is not sufficient. For more information on Houdini, see SideFX's home page.

The precompiled Houdini plug-ins supplied with the NVIDIA Blast gem require Houdini 18.0.

For NVIDIA Blast developer information, see Simulated destruction with NVIDIA Blast.

Functionality provided by the NVIDIA Blast gem

The NVIDIA Blast gem provides the following:

  • Blast Family Mesh Data component that adds NVIDIA Blast meshes to an entity.

  • Blast Family component that enables NVIDIA Blast simulation for an entity.

  • Blast Configuration editor available in the Tools menu in Lumberyard Editor.

  • Blast Materials to set physical properties for NVIDIA Blast assets available in Asset Editor.

  • Blast Script Canvas nodes to script destruction simulation.

  • Plug-ins and Houdini Digital Assets for SideFX Houdini to fracture geometry and export NVIDIA Blast assets.

  • A Python Asset Builder to process NVIDIA Blast assets and generate blast slices.

  • A public C++ API that allows other systems and gems to access NVIDIA Blast simulation functionality.

Enable the NVIDIA Blast gem

To enable the NVIDIA Blast gem, do the following:

  1. Use Project Configurator to add the NVIDIA Blast gem to your project. The NVIDIA Blast gem requires the following gems as dependencies:

    • LmbrCentral

    • PhysX


    Though not required, we highly recommend that you enable the Python Asset Builder gem with the NVIDIA Blast gem. The NVIDIA Blast gem includes a Python asset builder script that automatically processes mesh assets for NVIDIA Blast and creates a blast slice asset.

  2. Configure your project. Use the following command.

    lmbr_waf configure
  3. Build your project. Use the following command.

    lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2019_profile -p all --progress

For more information on gems, see the Gems system documentation.