Cloth visual debugger - Lumberyard User Guide

Cloth visual debugger

This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.

            Debug visualization of the NVIDIA Cloth component

To enable debug cloth visualization, use the following console variables (CVARs) in the editor console.

cloth_DebugDraw <value>

Draw the cloth mesh wireframe.

0: Disable wireframe display.

1: Enable wireframe display.

cloth_DebugDrawNormals <value>

Draw the cloth mesh normals.

0: Disable normals display.

1: Enable normals display.

2: Enable normals, tangents and bitangents display.

cloth_DebugDrawColliders <value>

Draw the cloth colliders.

0: Disable collider display.

1: Enable collider display.

cloth_DebugDrawMotionConstraints <value>

Draw the cloth motion constraints.

0: Disable motion constraint display.

1: Enable motion constraint display.

cloth_DebugDrawBackstop <value>

Draw the cloth backstop.

0: Disable backstop display.

1: Enable backstop display.