NVIDIA Cloth gem - Lumberyard User Guide

NVIDIA Cloth gem

This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.
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Physical cloth simulations can create more immersive environments and characters. The NVIDIA Cloth gem uses the NVIDIA Cloth library to provide fast, robust cloth simulation in Amazon Lumberyard.

For information on using NVIDIA Cloth, see Simulate cloth with NVIDIA Cloth.

Functionality provided by the NVIDIA Cloth gem

The NVIDIA Cloth gem provides the following:

  • Cloth modifier for Mesh and Actor import in FBX Settings.

  • Cloth component for entities that contain a Mesh or Actor component.

  • Cloth colliders that can be added to actors in Animation Editor.

  • Mesh and Actor example assets and slices located in: lumberyard_version\dev\Gems\NvCloth\Assets\

  • A public C++ API that allows other systems and gems to access cloth simulation functionality.

Enable the NVIDIA Cloth gem

To enable the NVIDIA Cloth gem, do the following:


By default, NVIDIA Cloth simulation is performed on the CPU. To enable GPU accelerated simulation for NVIDIA Cloth, follow the installation instructions here: GPU cloth simulation with NVIDIA CUDA

  1. Use Project Configurator to add the NVIDIA Cloth gem to your project. The NVIDIA Cloth gem requires the following gems as dependencies:

    • LmbrCentral

    • Emotion FX Animation

  2. Configure your project. Use the following command.

    lmbr_waf configure
  3. Build your project. Use the following command.

    lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2019_profile -p all --progress

For more information on gems, see the Gems system documentation.