Creating a Project for Your macOS Games - Lumberyard User Guide

Creating a Project for Your macOS Games

This feature is in preview release and is subject to change.

The topics in Create macOS projects in Lumberyard demonstrate how to use the Samples Project that is included with Lumberyard to build game assets, shaders, and macOS applications. You can follow the same instructions to create a project for your own macOS game.


Ensure you have the prerequisites (see Create macOS projects in Lumberyard) and your Mac is properly set up to compile for macOS computers.

To create a project for your macOS game

  1. On your PC, use the Project Configurator to create a new project. For information, see Creating Lumberyard projects.

  2. Submit the new project into your revision control system and then check out the project onto your Mac.

  3. Edit the user_settings.options file (located in the lumberyard_version\dev\_WAF_ directory) to set enabled_game_projects to the name of the project you created:

    [Game Projects] enabled_game_projects = MyProject

    You can simultaneously build multiple projects by separating each project name with a comma:

    [Game Projects] enabled_game_projects = SamplesProject,MyProject,OtherProject
  4. In a command line window, configure and build your project using the instructions on the Building macOS Games and Running macOS Games pages.


    If you enabled multiple projects, you can switch between multiple targets in your Xcode project.