Using the Color Picker - Lumberyard User Guide

Using the Color Picker

Use the color picker to apply a color tint and alpha (opacity) to your particles. You can save your palette libraries to share with others.

To use the Color Picker

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Particle Editor.

  2. In the Libraries panel, select an emitter.

  3. In the Attributes panel, under Particles, click the color swatch for the Color parameter.

The Color Picker includes the following:

  1. Eye dropper – Selects a color on your screen with magnification.

  2. Current and New color – Displays your current color selection and the new color selection.

  3. HTML and RGB values – Specifies the color value inputs.

  4. Color window – View the range of colors to select.

  5. Channels – Focuses the hue range based on RGB and CMY color sets.

  6. Hue, Saturation, Value, and Alpha – Slides to select a new color.

  7. Default Library palette – A list or grid of the currently selected library palette.

  8. Help icon – Displays the online help topic for the Color Picker.

Using the Palette Libraries

Create a palette library to save your collection of custom colors. You can create multiple palette libraries.

Use the following actions in the palette library menu.

Option Description
List Displays a list view with name or RGBA values.
Grid Displays the palette as a grid of color swatches.
Preset preview size Changes the palette swatch size.
Create New Library Creates a blank palette library.
Libraries Displays a list of imported palette libraries.
Load Library Imports a saved palette library.
Export Exports the current palette library to a file.
Rename Library Renames the current palette library.
Remove Library Removes the current palette library.
Reset to default Resets the current library to the default palette.
Remove All Libraries Removes all palette libraries from the libraries list. This does not delete exported library palettes.