User Guide (Version 1.18)

Customizing the Particle Editor UI

The Particle Editor has a customizable interface so you can set up your workspace in different layouts. All panels are moveable. You can undock panels to become floating windows, or you can dock panels in new locations to rearrange the look and feel. Save your custom layouts to access later or to share with others.

You can customize the Particle Editor in the following ways:

Floating panels

Drag the panel title bar to separate the panel from the editor and make it a floating window.

Docking panels

Dock panels on the edges of the window or anywhere an orange highlight appears. To dock a floating panel, drag the panel title bar into the Particle Editor window.

Tabbing panels

You can dock a panel inside another panel to create a tabbed view. Toggle the tabs to display one panel and hide the other. This option minimizes the number of panels that are visible at a time.

Showing or hiding panels

Customize which panels are visible by clicking View and choosing a panel to show or hide.

Resetting the layout

To reset the Particle Editor layout, click View, Reset to Default Layout. This positions the Libraries panel on the top left, the Preview panel on the middle left, the Level of detail panel on the bottom left, and the Attributes panel on the right.

Exporting a layout

You can export and share custom layouts. After you create a layout, click View, Export layout. Navigate to the location where you want to export the layout file.

Importing a layout

To import custom layouts, click View, Import layout. Locate and select the layout file.