User Guide (Version 1.21)

Working with Emitter Shape Types

The Particle Editor provides emitter shape types that you can use to achieve a variety of effects, such as using the Beam emitter to create fire effects.

To choose the emitter shape type

  1. In Lumberyard Editor, choose Tools, Particle Editor.

  2. In the Libraries panel, choose an emitter.

  3. In the Attributes panel, choose Emitter.

  4. For Emitter Shape Type, choose the shape type. The following emitter shape types are supported:

    • Angle

    • Beam

    • Box

    • Circle

    • Point

    • Sphere

    • Trail

Most emitters have CPU and GPU particle types. Each emitter's velocity functions on either world or shape axial coordinates, based on type. To view the shape XYZ coordinates, right-click the Preview viewport and choose Show Emitter Shape.