Using the Preview Panel - Lumberyard User Guide

Using the Preview Panel

You can use the Preview panel in the Particle Editor to view the particle effects.

Particle panel in the Particle Editor.

This panel has the following features:

  1. Display content in the viewport

  2. Display the main menu

  3. Choose which emitter hierarchies to display in the viewport

  4. Reset the viewport to default settings

  5. Toggle time of day visibility to simulate the approximate time of day

  6. Toggle the display of the particles wireframe

  7. Play back the timeline

  8. Play, pause, and step forward

  9. Reset emitter playback

  10. Loop playback

You can access the following Preview panel options in the main menu and context menu.

Option Description
Import Mesh Imports a game mesh to view.
Play Toggles playback.
Pause Pauses playback.
Step forward Steps forward one frame.
Play loop Toggles the playback from once to looping.
Reset Resets the playback to the beginning.
Reset camera position Resets the preview camera to the default position.
Show/Hide overdraw Toggles display of overdraw in the editor.
Wireframe view Toggles display of the particles wireframe.
Show/Hide particle count Toggles display of the particle count.
Show/Hide bounding box Toggles display of the emitter bounding box.
Show/Hide gizmo Toggles display of the preview window transform gizmo.
Show/Hide playback controls Toggles display of the preview playback controls.
Show/Hide grid Toggles display of the preview grid.
Show/Hide emitter shape Toggles display for the visualization of shape emitters and their relative coordinates.
Background color Opens the color picker for you to set the color of the preview background.
Grid color Opens the color picker for you to set the color of the preview grid.
Reset colors Resets the background and grid to the default colors.
Move on spline Displays a spline in the Preview panel for the emitter to move along. This helps to preview the emitter motion.

Spline mode

  • Single path – Traverses the path once

  • Loop – Traverses the path indefinitely

  • Ping-pong – Traverses back and forth on the path

Spline shape

  • Line

  • Sine wave

  • Coil

Spline speed

  • Speed x1

  • Speed x2

  • Speed x3

  • Speed x5

Reset spline settings Disables all spline settings.
Reset to default Resets the preview window to the default configuration.
Close Closes the Preview panel.