User Guide (Version 1.14)

Advanced Attribute

Parameters in this attribute include advanced appearance and optimization settings.

Advanced Attribute Parameters

Parameter Function Description
Force Generation (CPU only) Adds a force that is generated by the emitter.
  • None – Does not add a force.

  • Wind – Creates a physical wind force, approximately following the velocity, direction, volume, and timing of the emitter's particles. This wind affects all particles and objects in its region, except particles in the emitter group. Setting the emitter's Speed to a negative value creates the wind force in the opposite direction. You can use this to create a vacuum force.

  • Gravity – Creates a physical gravity force similar to wind, but creates a gravitational acceleration force instead of wind velocity.

    Default value: None

Fill Rate Cost (CPU only) Multiplies the emitter's contribution to the total fill rate. This affects automatic culling of large particles when the global limit is reached. Set this to a value greater than 1 if the effect is relatively expensive or unimportant. Set this to a value less than or equal to 0 if the effect is important. You should not experience automatic culling.

Valid values: 0+

Default value: 1

Heat Scale (CPU only) Multiplies thermal vision.

Valid values: 0 – 4

Default value: 0

Sort Quality (CPU only) Specifies more accurate sorting of new particles in the emitter's list. To avoid the popping that results from changing the render particle order, particles are never re-sorted after emission. Instead they are sorted only when emitted, based on the main camera's position.
  • 0 (default, fastest) – Places the particle at the front or back of the list, depending on its position relative to the center of the emitter bounding box. Additional force is not added.

  • 1 (medium slow) – Sorts existing particles into a temporary list. New particles do a quick binary search to find an approximate position.

  • 2 (slow) – Sorts existing particles into a temporary list. New particles do a full linear search to find the position of least sort error.

Valid values: 0 – 2

Default value: 0

Half Res Renders particles in a separate, half resolution pass, reducing rendering cost. To enable this feature, set the console variable r_ParticlesHalfRes to 1.

Default value: false

Particle Size Discard (GPU only) Discards particles below the defined screen space pixel size.

Valid values: 0 – 255

Default value: 0

Streamable (CPU only) Allows texture or geometry assets to stream from storage as normal.

Default value: true