User Guide (Version 1.14)

Size Attribute

Parameters in this attribute control the sprite's size and shape.

For the Size, Pivot, and Stretch parameters, you can set a Random value and Strength Over Emitter Lifetime and Strength Over Particle Lifetime curves.

Size Attribute Parameters

Parameter Function Description
Lock Aspect Ratio Maintains the particle aspect ratio.

Default value: false

Size X, Y For 2D particles, specifies the world sprite radius.

Valid values: 0+

Default value: 1

Pivot X, Y Moves the sprite's pivot point.

Valid values: -1 – +1

Default value: 0 (texture center)

Stretch Specifies the amount of stretch, in seconds, that is applied to the particle in the direction of travel. This is based on the current velocity and stretches in both directions by default.

Offset Ratio – Adjusts the center of stretching. 0 = stretch both directions | 1 = stretch backward only | –1 = stretch forward only.

Valid values: 0+

Default value: 0

Tail Length (CPU only) The length of the particle's tail in seconds. The particle texture is stretched through the tail.

Tail Steps – The number of segments for the tail. A higher number produces smoother tail curves for nonlinear, moving particles.

Valid values: 0+

Default value: 0

Min Pixels (CPU only) Adds the specified number of pixels to the particle's true size when rendering. This is useful for important effects that should be visible even at a distance.

Valid values: 0+

Default value: 0