User Guide (Version 1.21)

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Visibility Attribute

In the Visibility attribute, specify how to control the particle's visibility.

                Visibility attributes in the
                        Particle Editor.

Visibility Attribute Parameters

Name Description
Camera Non Facing Fade

When enabled, this parameter adjusts the transparency of each particle based on its angle relative to the camera. You can specify this parameter to fade out particles at sharp angles, which hides the appearance of thin polygons. You can adjust the level of fade according to the angle with the Fade Curve tool.

Default value: false

View Distance Adjust Multiplies the automatically computed fade-out camera distance.

Valid values: 0+

Default value: 1

Camera Min/Max Distance Determines the camera range that particles render in. A default value of 0 indicates an unlimited range.

Valid values: 0+

Default value: 0

Camera Distance Offset Offsets the emitter away from the camera.

Valid values: any

Default value: 0

Fade Strength Min/Max Distance (GPU only) Specifies the distance from the camera at which particles fade.
  • Fade Strength Min Distance – Minimum distance from the camera at which particles fade.

  • Fade Strength Max Distance – Maximum distance from the camera at which particles fade.

Default value: 0, 0

Sort Offset Bias the distance used for sorting. You can customize the sort order in an emitter tree. By default, subemitters render in the order they are listed in the effect. A bias of 0.01 or greater overrides that order. You can use larger biases to adjust the sorting order, with respect to other transparent objects in the level.

Valid values: any

Default value: 0

Sort Bounds Scale Specifies the emitter point for sorting.

1 = bounds nearest | 0 = origin | -1 = bounds farthest

Valid values: any

Default value: 0

Draw Near Renders particles in a near first-person space (with weapons).

Default value: false

Draw on Top Renders particles on top of everything (no depth test).

Default value: false

Visible Indoors For use in vis areas.
  • If_False – Hides particles when indoors.

  • If_True – Hides particles when outdoors.

  • Both – Shows particles when indoors or outdoors.

Default value: Both
Visible Underwater For use with ocean and water volumes.
  • If_False – Hides particles when under water.

  • If_True – Hides particles when above water.

  • Both – Shows particles when under or above water.

Default value: Both