Reverting Changes to Emitter Attributes - Lumberyard User Guide

Reverting Changes to Emitter Attributes

Emitters have a list of attributes or property types that are categorized for easier identification. You can reorder and rearrange the categories, including combining categories into a tabbed view.

  • To reorder categories, drag and drop the category to the preferred position. An orange highlight appears to indicate a valid docking location.

  • To combine categories into tabs, drag a category on another category title bar. If you have not expanded the category, the tabs appear collapsed until you click a category title bar.

  • To revert changes made to the Attributes panel layout, click the menu in the title bar and choose Reset to default.

By default, emitter parameters are set to the attribute as a common starting point. These default attributes have a white text label. When you change the attribute parameter from the default state, the text label changes from white to orange.

  • To revert the last change to the emitter attribute, click Edit, Undo. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Z.

  • To revert all changes to the attributes parameter, right-click the attribute name and choose Reset to default.