User Guide (Version 1.21)

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Using Particle Libraries

The Particle Editor provides a context menu with the following options for you to manage your particle libraries. Right-click a library name to access the context menu.

                Manage Particle Editor libraries.

Option Description
Add New Add Particle – Adds a new emitter to the library. The default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+N.

Add Folder – Adds a new folder to the library. The default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+N.

Save Saves changes to the selected library. Libraries are saved in the \game_project_name\libs\particles directory.
Duplicate Duplicates and renames the library.
Disable/Enable All Disables or enables all items in the library.
Expand/Collapse All Expands or collapses all branches in the library. You can click a library name to collapse or expand the entire library. The contents do not lose their collapsed or expanded state when you do so.
Remove Removes the library from the library list. The library list is still available on disk.
Reload Reloads the library.

You can access the following toolbar menu items and buttons in the Particle Editor and Libraries panel.

Option Description
Add Particle Adds a particle effect. By default, the particle effect is a child of the selected particle, folder, or library. Set the particle name in the New Particle Name window.
Add Folder Adds a directory in the library so you can organize your particle effects.
Add library Adds a particle library.
Import Opens the file browser to import the selected particle libraries.
Import Level Library Imports particle data stored in level files that were created in Lumberyard 1.8 or earlier.
Save All Saves all modified particle libraries to disk.
Close Closes the Particle Editor.
Undo Clears the last change.
Redo Removes the last undo.
Copy Copies all of the settings for the selected item to the clipboard.
Paste Writes data from the clipboard to the selected item.
Duplicate Duplicates the selected particle effect.
Add LOD Adds a level of detail (LOD) to the selected emitter.
Rename Renames the selected item.
Delete Deletes the selected item.
Reset to default Resets all properties and parameters for the selected item to the default values and states.
Edit Hotkeys Opens the HotKey Configuration window for you to edit keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys).