User Guide (Version 1.17)

Debugging Physics Proxy Issues

You can use the following two console variables to help debug physics proxy issues:


Same as p_draw_helpers_num, but encoded in letters Usage [Entity_Types]_[Helper_Types] - [t|s|r|R|l|i|g|a|y|e]_[g|c|b|l|t(#)] Entity Types: t - show terrain s - show static entities r - show sleeping rigid bodies R - show active rigid bodies l - show living entities i - show independent entities g - show triggers a - show areas y - show rays in RayWorldIntersection e - show explosion occlusion maps Helper Types g - show geometry c - show contact points b - show bounding boxes l - show tetrahedra lattices for breakable objects j - show structural joints (forces translucency on the main geometry) t(#) - show bounding volume trees up to the level # f(#) - only show geometries with this bit flag set (multiple f's stack) Example: p_draw_helpers larRis_g - show geometry for static, sleeping, active, independent entities and areas


The e_PhysProxyTriLimit console variable shows the maximum allowed triangle count for physics proxies. If you notice your assets wrapped in "No Collisions, Proxy Too Big!" messages, then the physics proxy for that asset is over the triangle count specified in e_PhysProxyTriLimit.